Do you want greater results with less spend?

Do you want greater results with less spend and effort?

Since 1994 we have been using and refining our systematic approach across dozens of industries with hundreds of client opportunities to increase bottom line results...while reducing the resources they invest to achieve them.

Client Experiences

Since 1994 I have been fortunate enough to work with several established brands and countless small/medium-sized businesses on hundreds of online and offline projects in virtually every commercial sector.  Just a few of the better-known organizations he has worked with are:


Who is John Kirker

John Kirker is an internet pioneer and business systems specialist. Since starting his first internet company in 1994 he has operated with one consistent goal in mind, "To help his clients and associates save and/or make more money through intelligence, efficiency and optimization." In keeping true to this, he has helped others while successfully growning and selling multiple entities of his own.

To date, his methods and techniques have affected change when transacting business both online and off. His industry experience reaches across B2C and B2B sectors touching multiple industries such as, but not limited to: Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Home Services, Retail, Recruitment, Mortgage, Insurance, Entertainment, Transit, Manufacturing, Government, Energy, Defense, Sports, and Charitable Fundraising.

If you are currently operating a business as a founder or executive, your business is established with revenues in excess of $5MM, and you are looking to increase market share and profits, reach out...  Click here... Let's chat to see if there might be an opportunity to work together...

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