What's Next?

We create sales, marketing, tracking, and data gathering systems to uncover hidden opportunities, increase conversion and lessen spend.

Over the last two decades, we have utilized our systematic approach across dozens of industries to increase our client's bottom line results while reducing the resources they invest to achieve them.


What's Next?

Sales, marketing, tracking, and data gathering systems to uncover hidden opportunities, increase conversion and lower spend.

We have utilized our systematic approach across dozens of industries to increase our client's bottom line results while reducing the resources they invest to achieve them for over two decades.


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About John Kirker

"People don't often find me looking for someone who does what I actually do..."

How do they find me?

First, they are always referred by a friend, client or colleague.  They might reach out to connect because they need a website.  Perhaps they are unhappy with the performance of their current sales/marketing/advertising.  Maybe they have little understanding of what they should expect from their marketing and have no means of measuring.  Their website may have been hacked.  Some call looking for general guidance with their online marketing or social media strategy. Others are interested to have me to study their competitors and shop them. And finally, some just want to have a dialogue to gain fresh perspectives during an idea-generating jam session.

So how do I work? What do I actually do?

It normally starts with a phone call.

The prospective client will share their needs. If I'm able to help, we'll get things taken care of. If I can't help, I'll try to direct them to someone who can. More times than not though, we continue the dialogue.

I probe and ask questions and we peel back the onion. I have a knack of finding things or coming up with strategic business ideas and concepts that can be applied to their business or organization.

The ideas are usually amalgamations of my previous experience working with hundreds of companies across a wide swath of industries with one of my former companies. Sometimes what I suggest makes no sense at all. Sometimes the ideas create marginal impacts. And every so often, the ideas or concepts have created results beyond my wildest imagination.

For instance and to the best of my estimation, one client generated more than half-a-billion dollars in gross revenue over the ten year period I was able to track them. They still appear to be using a variation of this system today, over a decade later.  This system integrated targeted geographic direct mail, their website, and their call center.  We marketed both to past clients and neighboring prospects.  The methods used for this client were born from a system which we invented for the mortgage industry that integrated direct mail and a unique identifier to drive trackable traffic to a website.

Another client grew from $106,000 in online policy originations to over $50,000,000 in new policy generation in just a few years.  This system completely revised the current online marketing methods and ultimately grew to build a real-time online quoting system which integrated with actuarial data in the pet health insurance industry.  We created systems that integrated with veterinarians and vet hospitals.  We also created systems to lower churn and increase client loyalty.

Currently, one of my clients is a manufacturer and retail service provider in the home services industry.  They have been in business for over 25 years. When we started working together in around 2009, their sales were just north of $12,000,000. Today they are tracking at over $40,000,000, and they are in a very mature and stagnant industry.  This client started as a website revision and evolved into a complete end-to-end marketing client where we manage reduced their monthly marketing spend from over $125,000/month to under $50,000 per month while increasing their lead flow by 70%.  This customer is evolving and slowing their retail activity while establishing distribution of their products internationally through multiple sales channels.

I could go on...  Since 1994 I have been involved in over 800 projects.  I'm not saying any of this to brag, and I didn't make these things happen on my own.  I guided implementation, but I didn't do most of the implementing. I did, however, create and/or work to continuously improve the systems to make the greatest impacts possible.

If you are curious to know more about me, I'll share this. I have started and grown multiple ventures which have either strategically merged with other organizations or have been acquired. I have served in virtually every capacity from bottom to top of a privately held entity. I have enjoyed the opportunity of creating systems and marketing techniques which have been ethically exploited by small and large businesses alike, including over 100 then Fortune 500 companies.

My experience reaches across B2C and B2B sectors and touches multiple industries such as, but not limited to; Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Home Services, Retail, Recruitment, Mortgage, Insurance, Entertainment, Transit, Manufacturing, Government, Energy, Defense, Sports, and Charitable Fundraising.

Can I help you?

How about a conversation? Feel free to reach out and let him know about your needs, or simply what you are struggling with.  If I think I can help, we will schedule a deep dive and look at things together.  If we both determine that working together might make sense, we'll keep talking.  And if I feel I can't help you, I'll do my best to open my rolodex and refer you to someone who I think can.

Client Experiences

Damian Raffele

Damian Raffele

Veterinary Pet Insurance, Director of Internet Marketing

"John is a brilliant entrepreneur - a true visionary. He was a strong part in building our internet initiative that resulted in creating millions in revenues."

Mark Alan Effinger

Mark Alan Effinger

RichContent, CEO and Evangelist

John Kirker is dangerous. He's not only wicked smart as a business strategist and "connector" – but he's also a deeply competent architect of all things web. John has introduced me to very credible people in a variety of disciplines. He's well respected, and as such, people are always looking to John for who he can bring to the table. John totally "gets" web architecture and user experience. He understands the value each individual brings to the meeting and makes sure to help coordinate the dialog to bring immediate value to the parties involved. Credible. Wicked smart. Engaging. Extremely high integrity. Positive presence in the boardroom.

Janine Buellesbach

Janine Buellesbach

TMP/Monster Worldwide, Senior Vice President Global Product Development

John is a creative technical force. Working with him was always fun, and together we came up with terrific offerings. He was able to act as the IT department for our large advertising agency and was a key member of our interactive team at launch. You can count on John to have many great ideas and a few surprises as well!

Ben Wigton

Ben Wigton

TMP Worldwide, Creative Director

I worked with John while at TMP Worldwide. I sincerely believed that we could not have done the work we did without his talent. He is one of the few individuals with true vision in the technology-marketing community.

Steve McRae

Steve McRae

Verifone, Senior Director of Business Development

I’ve had the advantage of collaborating with John for over 10 years. I say with confidence that he is one of the most active thinkers and doers I know. He has the insight of someone twice his age yet maintains an open mind being self-aware of his bias and passions disallowing them to cloud judgments. This has translated into successful businesses where he and all around achieved what they set out to do.

Paul Buss

Paul Buss LLC, Founder

John creates an incredibly high "batting average" by focusing on the business or marketing challenge first, then the technology solution. This counter-intuitive to most tech professionals who typically want to dazzle you. John helped transform our business, making our overall product offering coherent, appealing, and most importantly, profitable.

Dave Savage

Dave Savage

MortgageCoach,, Founder

For the 10+ years I have known John he never stops surprising me with innovations and new ideas to make the Internet more valuable to a business. Whenever I have a question related to the Internet John is one of the first people I call.

Doug Nottage

Doug Nottage, Director, Advanced Technology

John is a never-ending source of ideas and has an incredible passion for experimenting with them. Fortunately, he also has the ability to help others see and share his vision and empower them to make it happen. No matter what he pursues, I believe he'll succeed and enjoy every opportunity I get to share that journey with him.

Michael Daehn

Michael Daehn

St. Louis Christian College, Business Professor

John is the rare individual who is skilled in both the technical and people side of technology development. He does whatever it takes to get the job done, and done right, the first time. Consider yourself blessed if you can get this guy working on a project with you.

Dino Bernardi

Dino Bernardi, Senior Director, Consumer Experience

I worked with John for 8-years. He has an incredible sense for the nuances affecting the profitability of business, and with his expert technical knowledge he creates the most effective strategies to create profits.

Kenneth Lee

Kenneth Lee

GameSpy, Developer

John is the first talent I have seen with a highly acute technical sense, coupled with a awesome client interface skills. Simply put, customers love him because he is great communicator and he really knows how to use the Internet and brick and mortar to create profits.

Would you like to connect?

We're happy to explore opportunities in working together.  Feel free to reach out any time.  Pick up the phone and give us a call at 866-4-KIRKER, or complete the form below.

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