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If you are spending more than $75,000/month on combined online and offline marketing and advertising, call us.  We will help you reduce your marketing and advertising costs without cannibalizing your lead flow.

In fact, most clients experience a decrease in spend and an increase in the number of leads...all while the quality and conversion rates of their leads go up due to our time tested processes and methods...

We'll analyze your traffic and current systems, strategies, and methods.  If we don't think we can help you, we'll tell you...

And, if we decide to take you on as a client, and we don't produce real and measurable results, you'll pay us nothing.  If we strike gold, your investment for our services is often paid for with found money.

Example:  One client reduced monthly advertising spend from ~$125,000/month to ~$70,000/month while increasing lead flow by 60% and the conversion rate of those leads by another 20%.  Their business grew from $12,000,000/year to over $30,000,000 in 7 years and it didn't stop there.  They were quickly saving ~$600,000/year all while increasing their inbound lead flow...  And we're still working together 12 years later...


Who is John Kirker

John Kirker is an internet pioneer, marketing, and business systems specialist. Since starting his first internet company in 1994 John and his team have worked to help his clients achieve more with less through intelligence, efficiency, and optimization. He has helped others while successfully growing and selling multiple entities of his own.

To date, his methods and techniques have generated several billion dollars in revenue while affecting change when transacting business both online and off. His industry experience reaches across B2C and B2B sectors touching multiple industries such as, but not limited to: Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Home Services, Real Estate, Retail, Recruitment, Mortgage, Insurance, Entertainment, Transit, Manufacturing, Government, Energy, Defense, Sports, and Charitable Fundraising.

If you are currently operating a business as a founder or executive of a "best of breed" business, have a customer list of at least 5,000 clients, or an active prospect list of at least 20,000 contacts, are currently investing at least $900,000 per year in sales and marketing across all channels, or your annual revenues are in excess of $5,000,000, and you are looking to increase your market share and/or profits, feel free to reach out...  

Let's see if there is an opportunity to work together...

Client Experiences

"Please don't be intimidated by the names on this list.
I've worked with many lesser-known organizations as well...
- John Kirker"

Since 1994 John has been fortunate enough to work with both globally recognized brands and small/medium-sized businesses on hundreds of online and offline projects.  Some of the better-known organizations he has worked with include:

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  • You are spending at least $25,000/month on either or both online and offline marketing
  • You are not prohibited by state law, federal law or corporate bi-laws from paying for services in relation to savings or revenues
  • You are currently not involved in any litigation

Must also meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • You are one of the best at what you do, your products and/or services are revered.
  • Your annual revenues are in excess of $5,000,000/year
  • You have more than 5,000 past clients
  • You have an active prospect list in excess of 20,000 contacts
  • You are well-rated online
  • If you are a BBB member, you must have at least an A-rating with a history of positive resolutions